I like your style...What do I do first?

The best thing to do first is fill out our wedding form so we have a better idea of what type of day you are envisioning! It really helps us save time with particulars and lets us get to the fun stuff! After that, one of the lovely ladies from our design team will contact you promptly to schedule a consultation or phone chat right away!

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How do I book my wedding date with you?


To book your day with us we require a deposit and a signed contract. This typically comes after a consultation and a proposal, detailing our floral vision.

I just got engaged!! How soon is too soon to start talking flowers?

If your date is within the next year and a half and you have some details in place such as a venue,  a color palette, an average guestimate of your guest list, then by all means get in touch!! That being said, our calendar does fill up quickly and there are popular months and dates for weddings, so if you have your heart set on Roses and RIce then contact us today!!!